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2020-12-11The whole staff builds a style of integrity and integrity, and I seek common development with the com
2020-12-04Each has its own magical powers and is brilliant-South China Factory Quality Activity Month-Skills "
2020-11-19ontinuous improvement, continuous improvement-MTN Electronics' first-phase proposal improvement activ
2020-11-19Continuous improvement never stops | Quality Month, we are all protagonists!
2020-11-19MTN Electronics attended the Xiaomi Core Supplier Conference, and join hands with Xiaomi to move ahea
2020-11-19Concentrate and work together, it is bound to be achieved | 2020 MTN Electronics Quality Event Month
2020-11-19Reaching for the future and sharing the beauty The project commendation meeting of MTN Electronics Hu
2020-11-18Build the future together Haofang Group visits the Huizhou production base of MTN Electronics!
2020-11-17Start with the end and draw the future together. MTN Electronics Wuhan Branch celebrated its victory
2020-11-17A gathering of talents and brilliant achievements | The 2020 MTN Electronics Quarterly Commendation C
2020-11-16Fight the "epidemic" with one heart, MTN Electronics is safe and reliable, and one heart makes cu
2020-11-16Pragmatic innovation, lean management, step by step to win 丨 MTN Electronics 2020 Spring Festival G
2019-12-03MTN 2019 the intersection of Q3 awards ceremony - advocating a hero, establish a benchmark!
2019-11-15MTN successfully won the China Mobile IOT and voice assistant (Intelligent Information Center) termin
2019-10-21MTN complete the Round A financing, Opening a new prelude for development.
2019-10-21A new generation of high-performance Gigabit switches achieves breakthroughs in static routing and vi
2019-10-21MTN successfully won the China Mobile IOT 2017-2018 voice assistant product terminal production and p
2019-09-302019 MTN National Day holiday notice.
2017-08-10Magotan electronic 2016 year end tooth event!
2017-08-10Yuanxiao guess riddles, welcome brothers and sisters back home!