Ruyi Today. Ruyi Anytime.
Made with loving hands and a warm heart
Legend has it that in the heavens far, far away, there is a little cloud that floats amongst a million others. It is a special cloud, because it bring whoever sees it happiness and luck. This little cloud is called Ruyi.
Ruyi wears a cheeky little grin whenever he goes. Ever playful and elusive, he could be nestling in the warm embrace of a bigger cloud one moment , and frolicking on the wind the next.
The restaurant, named Ruyi which means “As one Wishes” in Mandarin, is the first Chinese fast food restaurant to be introduced in Singapore.
For diners in search of convenient, good-quality and wholesome Chinese meals at affordable prices and server up pronto, Ruyi encompasses all that and more. Presenting a choice of more than 30 items, diners can choose from a delicious range of rice, noodles, dim sum delights and desserts.
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Resorts World Sentosa
Festive Walk, 26 Sentosa Gateway
#B1-222/223 Singapore 098138